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Get on My Horse Get on My Horse

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Addicting as always.

Man, this was fun to watch. I think the best part of the song is when the horse starts playing the synthesiser.

Mega Man: Fowl Play Mega Man: Fowl Play

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Nicely done, Glitch. The part where Axl takes a dive into the pit of rabid Mets was just hilarious.

T.M.Ninja Turtles Parody T.M.Ninja Turtles Parody

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Meh. Seen better.

I think TMNT parodies are great.
After seeing AMNT and Mutant Ninja Turtles01 by Valor XII, I was more than ecstatic to watch this.
Unfortunately, when I did see it, I was somewhat disappointed.

The graphics are horrid. All of the characters [especially the Turtles] look like a three-year-old did them [WTF is WRONG with Shredder?!], and the animations are just the same repetitous thing over and over again. I do applaud the author for using this to his advantage [Michealangelo spanking the hooker with the animation he does], but it's still something that leaves a lot to be desired. I am CERTAIN the author could do much better than this.

I gave the sounds a high score because I am just nuts for nostalgia. I always thought the original theme song was better than the head-ache inducing thrash that is the new theme song.
The hits do sound solid when the Turtles fight, and I like that.

The whole plot seems like a bad comedy gone worse. It seems that the author was trying something in the first half of the flash, saw that it didn't work out, and then threw in a couple of dirty jokes to try to redeem it.
All it resulted in is a garbled attempt at a script. And dude, one piece of advice?
That 'Copy and Paste' thing you did for the credits is a freaking EYESORE. Nobody likes random images just pasted on to each other like that, so just get RID of it!
However, I did laugh a bit when Mikey devoured that Pizza while a wide-eyed Splinter looked on.
That was cool.

But a catchy theme song and one funny tid-bit does not a quality flash make. the author could have put in a LOT more effort into this before sending it. As is, it only deserves a below average 4 out of ten.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent, laugh-out-loud NONSENSE!!!! LOL!!!

Before I begin this review, let me just say DudeX, what in the blue hell is WRONG with you?!
News flash, sonny boy....this is a -joke-, you know, he tells it, you listen, you go 'Ha, ha.'
So WHAT if they don't act like that in the show? It's all in fun.
I think this guy has really made a cool flash, and really made me laugh. Stop being such a God-damned stick-in-the-mud. Heck, go and buy a sense of HUMOUR while you're at it. Yeesh. >_<

Anyhoo, this movie is nothing short of cool.
I really like how this parody of T.M.N.T goes...I really busted a gut at how this guy messes up just about every WORD in the lyrics.
The graphics aren't gonna win any beauty contests, but then again, they just add to the homour value of the flash-from the senile Leo getting squished repeatedly by that fish van [why not a Pizza van, dude?] to Splinter looking like a freaking gutter rat. BTW, big ups to you ValorXII, for making Raph the coolest, even in his old age. Raph rules thy bases, and scores with chicks, 'nuff said.

The sounds just sent me through the roof laughing. All of the turtles sound like Chipmunks, and if I was drinking milk when Leo yelled 'GET AWAY FROM ME!!', Lord help me, I might need a new computer after soaking it in moo juice and spit. The japanese lute in the background really adds to the 'Lame' theme of the AMNT.

Like I said, this is one of the best flashes, in terms of humour, I have ever seen. Sure, I still think 8-bit theatre is king-of-the-hill in terms of comedy, but 'Donatello likes the weed'? PRICELESS.
It takes genius to come up with that material, and execute it so humourously. And, unless you are like my stick-in-the-mud buddy DudeX here, you'll find it funny, too. You will. As a matter of fact, I'm telling you. Like the movie. YOU WILL LIKE IT OR BE DESTROYED BY THE FURY OF A THOUSAND ANGRY GERBILS!!! Err...ahem.

To ValorXII, I say hats off to you. You did a top-notch job.
To the fans, I say watch this, it's worth every second of your time.
To DudeX, I say SALT on you. I find this movie extremely funny, and so does a LOT of people, but you don't think so, claiming that ValorXII ain't a fan, despite his Masterpiece 'Mutant Ninja turtles', and that it's not accurate.
FOUR WORDS: AS IF WE CARE. It's funny, and that's all there is to it.

Retarded Animal Babies 2 Retarded Animal Babies 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done!

First off, I just wanted to take off that last reviewer's plug for another site. For crying out loud, why don't you quit wasting everybody's time and post your plug crap somewhere else?

Secondly, I wanted to commend the author of this flash for a job well done!
Animal babies is one of my favorite series on this site, and I think, if you're new to NewGrounds, these flashes are definitely worth looking at.

The graphics and animations are both imaginative and quirky. You just gotta love the reactions on the retarded animal babies when they do crap, and you'll just bowl over with laughter at how they go about their lives.
The sounds are just as zany as the graphics- the chipmunky voice acting is very appropriate for the title, and the background music is original and suits the theme very well.

The humor is top-notch.
Shame on you if you don't laugh your ass off at these, the jokes are simply hilarious.
However, I find the jokes in the first one a little funnier than in this, but that's not saying much since they're all good.

Retarded Animal Babies have definitely earned their place in the NewGrounds commnunity.
With its combination of zany characters, hilarious plots and jokes, and all around stupidity, this series has earned from me a perfect ten out of ten.
Keep up the good work, man.

Eskimo Clock Eskimo Clock

Rated 1 / 5 stars


I just can NOT recommend this to anybody.
While the animations and voice-overs seem straight out of the usual Eskimo Bob episodes, all this is is some cheap plug for the Clock Crew.
The humour was really dry. Apparently, it seems, you have to be a clock to get it.

Fair warning to anybody who wants to see what Eskimo Bob is about, stay away from this flash.
Look at the real deal instead.

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Dragoon Dragoon

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Very dissappointing.

From the comments made by the author to the introduction of the characters, I though i was going to be in for an action packed ride.
Unfortunately, all I got was a pokey flash about clocks.

The graphics are a bit too typical of your standard, run of the mill flash. While the author has constructed his characters nicely, the lack of detail just doesn't seem to help things along.
Also, the sounds aren't much to bark at.
You just hear one repetitous riff in the background and the metallic doors sliding open- that's it. From the graphics and sound alone, the average viewer could already deduce that this is just a 'flash', nothing more, nothing less.

The story and the sense of humour it tries to convey is, to say the very least, dry and boring.
It's like the author was trying to do a flash of an action theme, but instead finished it off as a comedy instead. Either way, it wasn't done properly.

And what is with the clock crew, anyway?
So far, I've yet to see at least ONE decent flash by them, and so far, all I've got was disappointment. If I knew that their movies and games were SO bad, I would have given that 'Kill the clock crew' game a higher rating! Seriously, now! What is with these guys?! For all of their seemingly unwarranted popularity, can't they produce at least ONE decent flash?!
It's ridiculous! Sheesh....

Anyway, I just don't get the ending.
'What did they do to deserve such a fate?'
'How do those clocks take a dump anyway?'
The humour is pretty much dry and pointless, and should have been pretty much left out altogether.

To those who want to watch this flash, i just wnat to warn you that it is definitely NOT what the author says it would be.
Be warned that it is just another clock spoof movie, and you'll feel ripped off of your time.
I know I did.

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The Tekken Spoof The Tekken Spoof

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I'm sorry...

I just can't recommend this flash to anybody.
I came here expecting a movie that contained spoofs of Tekken, but what I got is a couple of guys who don't look in any way related to Tekken kicking each other's asses for about...2 seconds when one of them fell down.
To the author, I would just like to say I mean no disrespect, and I know this is your first flash and all, but this leaves a lot to be desired. As a matter of fact, maybe you should just drop the Tekken theme and try something original with the martial arts theme.
Other than that, just pass on this. It was a real waste considering how long I had to wait for it to load.

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NathanThomas responds:

You're right, and I'm sorry about the file size,I guess I used too much music, and I didn't have audacity back then.

Arrogancy: Chapter 4 Arrogancy: Chapter 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome flash!

This flash was simply one of the best that I've seen here on Newgrounds. From the anime style artwork to the general kick ass nature of this flash, you won't leave disappointed.

The graphics are really great, especially if you're a big fan of anime. The author here has really captured the essence of characters with bad ass attitudes, even with that little green elf who seems really pissed off at everyone. The animations flow very nicely, and the fight scenes are simply a blast.
The sounds are really decent as well....from the cyborgs warming up to the bone crushing sounds of them being pulverised. I only gave it a seven though, since sometimes I can't make out what the characters are saying over some of the sound effects and BGM. Other than that, though, I don't think sound issues are too much of a problem here. (Just remember to listen to the guy when he tells you about the sound...he's doing it for a reason, okay?)

I give an eight for humour, the simple reason being is that the little green elf dude just crack me up, especially the part where that brick falls on him and he's really ticked off!

Well, this has been a really fun flash.
This flash, as Christian and Edge would have put it...'simply reeks of awesomeness', and should not be overlooked whatsoever.
In closing, I'd just like to say that it's flashes like these that show what Newgrounds is all about!

arrogancy responds:

Thanks. However, I think that this episode is pretty crappy, and the next one shows why :)

Anime Girls in a Nutshell Anime Girls in a Nutshell

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Two words.....

Extremely PSYCHOTIC.